Memories of a Very Special Fishing Village:
Lorneville NB

Eloise Hagerman's new book, Memories of a Very Special Fishing Village: Lorneville NB, chronicles life in a Maritime fishing village during the early-mid twentieth century. It is the story of the early years of her life, until marriage in 1959, but it is also the story of a community that depended on each other to make it through the hard times - harsh winters, economic depression and nautical disasters, and celebrated the good times - church picnics, baseball games, skating on a homemade outdoor rink. Memories of a Very Special Fishing Village is a narrated history of the people of Lorneville as told by one of Lorneville's native daughters. It was intended to give a younger generation a sense of what it meant to grow up in the 1930-50s, and offers rich detail of how their ancestors lived.

Eloise has spent countless hours collecting photographs and stories about Lorneville. Her own mother, Nellie McCavour, kept detailed records of everything from the price of a used living room chair in the 1950s to the date electricity came to Lorneville. Eloise uses information like this, along with memories, anecdotes and even mythologies to recreate history for her readers. Pictures of fishermen tarring their nets or residents standing beside the Shop overlooking Willie John's Hill help bring the book alive.

People that have read Memories of a Very Special Fishing Village comment that it captures life up and down the Bay of Fundy and the stories it tells resonate with those lucky enough to grow up in the Maritimes.

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About the Author

Eloise Hagerman currently lives in St. Marys, Ontario where she runs Serendip Bed & Breakfast. She resided in the Maritimes until 1980 where, as the wife of a United Church Minister, she lived in Elderbank, and Noel, N.S. and Saint John and Sussex, N.B. with her husband and their four sons. From 1980 until 1993 she lived in Bermuda and worked as a church secretary. In 1998 she began work on Memories of a Very Special Fishing Village after reading A Family Mosaic by Donna Measor, a book about the author's family and home life. Eloise was further encouraged by Donna Sinclair's suggestion in the book Worth Remembering, that ordinary people should write their personal histories.