Activities: Things to do around St. Marys

Serendip is within walking distance of shopping, churches, restaurants, "little falls", the quarry and the Riverview hiking trail.

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

There are many things to do in and around the St. Marys area. The most popular (not to mention world famous) thing has to be the Stratford Shakespearean Festival. The Stratford Festival is an annual drama festival held from late spring until autumn in the nearby city of Stratford. (About 20 minutes east on highway #7). The festival features a number of Shakespearean plays along with a few dramatic and musical selections by other dramatists. The actors, theatres and production standards are world class and really must be experienced. After you contact the Stratford Festival to buy your tickets, be sure to give us a call to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Wildwood Conservation Area

The Stratford Festival is certainly the big draw for this area but it is by no means the only thing to do. A great many people enjoy St. Marys' "Wildwood Conservation area" and its accompanying Wildwood Lake. It is a great place for cross country skiing in the winter, or swimming, boating or having a picnic in the summer or communing with nature in any season. There are also other hiking trails criss-crossing the area. Wildwood Conservation Area has a large lake for swimming, boating, sailing or fishing, and 20 kilometers of hiking trails.

Stonetown Quarry

Most people don't consider hanging about in a quarry to be their idea of a good time ... but then most people do not live in St. Marys (which is a good thing for us). St. Marys quarry was a real working quarry some years ago but it has since been turned into a swimming pool. Between 1930 and 1935, the quarry filled with water and it has been used for swimming ever since. In fact it is Canada's largest swimming pool! It is the perfect place for a relaxing dip on a hot summer day.

Stonetown's Stone Architecture

The quarry may have closed but the evidence of St. Marys' history remains in the unique, quaint architecture which can be found around town. St. Marys is blessed with a number of beautiful stone buildings; living up to it's nickname, "Stonetown". The limestone architecture in St. Marys is really something to see. Edifice magazine even ran a feature on the buildings of St. Marys.

One relaxing way to while away a warm day is to discover why St. Marys original name was "Little Falls" and spend it beside the bubbling little falls that runs through town. St. Marys really is "a town worth living in".


If golf is your thing, pay a visit to the St. Marys Golf & Country Club. St. Marys is fortunate enough to have a beautiful, full-sized golf course within the town, as well as other courses just outside the town. So you can get in a few holes at the St. Marys golf club before heading off to see a play in Stratford.

Canadian Baseball Museum & Hall of Fame

For baseball fans the big draw in St. Marys is our new Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. It was officially opened in June 1998 to honour the talents of Canadian baseball. Since that time a yearly induction ceremony has taken place in early summer. In June/06 Peter Mansbridge hosted the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame's induction ceremony. "A beautiful work-in-progress with the potential to become a major tourist destination for all Canadians as well as international visitors," is how Prime Minister Stephen Harper described the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, where he and his son Ben recently visited.