About Us

Serendip Bed & Breakfast is run by Eloise Hagerman and her husband Ray. They have been welcoming guests into their home since 1996. Ray and Eloise lived in Bermuda for 13 years where they played host to many friends and acquaintances who wanted to visit the island. From that experience Eloise got the idea of some day opening a Bed & Breakfast, which they did after moving to St. Marys. Eloise is a wonderful cook, making bread, rolls, and other baked goods from scratch each week. Breakfast at Serendip IS the best meal of the day.

Ray is a retired minister with the United Church of Canada. He can't stand to be idle and manages to fill up his days with hobbies including gardening, bee keeping (don't worry - the bees are kept outside of town!), wood working and cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Eloise and Ray are very proud of their home and spend a great deal of time creating a garden filled with beautiful blooms for the summer months.

We have one pet: a playful Labradoodle named Cassie. Cassie is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle... hence, a Labradoodle. These dogs are supposed to be a blend of all the best parts of a Labrador and a Poodle - intelligent, sociable, non-agressive and shedding little hair.

More information on Labradoodles can be found on these web sites: Dog Breed Info and Labradoodle-dogs.

What's in a Name?

Why do we call our house Serendip?
"Serendip" is a rather uncommon word and an unusual name for a house.

Some years ago Ray & Eloise lived on the island of Bermuda. Following a British tradition, most houses in Bermuda had names. Their house came with the name Serendip. After several years 'Serendip' became synonomous with 'home' wherever we lived.

The word "Serendip" has a great meaning. The dictionary defines it as:

The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. Accidental sagacity; the faculty of making fortunate discoveries of things you were not looking for.

The word comes from a Persian fairy tale called "The Three Princes of Serendip", written in 1754. The three heros of this book possess just such an ability; to make a 'serendipitous' discovery. It refers to the occurance of finding something wonderful when you are not looking for it. In naming our B&B "Serendip" Ray & Eloise likewise hope that their home is a place where guests and friends can experience something unexpected and delightful.

You can read more about the Persian Fairy Tale on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia